Terms of Sale and Shipping

·      IDC sells only to wholesale trade. I affirm that I am a licensed cosmetologist in good standing or salon owner.
·      Any IDC EXTENSION (Hotheads or hairtalk ) customer agrees to not repackage, resale wholesale and/or resale to end user packaged, to not sell online, and will apply products within a professional salon environment only after training and certification. If the customer chooses to apply products without certification, the company cannot be held responsible for the results.
·      All information and forms necessary must be complete before an account can be set up. Credit card or banking forms must be filled out and signed as indicated. Any bank or commercial reference verification will take at least 3-5 business days. Not all applicants are approved.
·      IDC offers same day shipping but does not guarantee this service. If a shipment does not get shipped on the same day, IDC is not responsible for a freight credit or upgrade as the service is not guaranteed.
·      If an error is made as a result of inaccurate or obsolete information, IDC will not be responsible for the mistake.
·      Please be advised that each order called in is taken and then read back to the customer and confirmed by our sales staff. If the customer confirms the information, the order is confirmed as accurate by them.
·      If your credit card is declined, please expect a delay in shipping. There is a minimum order of $40. Orders under $40 are subject to a $5 handling charge.
·      All shipments are FOB Hallandale Beach, Florida. IDC does not guarantee third party shipping services such as FEDEX. We will assist our customers in any deficiency in third party shipping services but are not responsible for such deficiencies. All orders are therefore insured for the value of the shipment by the third-party service.
·      No commercial reuse of IDC trademarks or other intellectual property rights are allowed without written permission from IDC.